Welcome to The Meditation Library

This is a brand new project where we will be providing a library of meditation and mindfulness courses and downloads for all ages. Meditation quotes, meditation articles, tips and advice.

We aim to provide with you with a variety of styles of both traditional and more modern meditation techniques and tools from Stress Coach Training and special guests

Stress Coach Training is provided by Eileen Burns a stress coach and meditation teacher of 18 years who has been studying meditation for over 25 years.

Eileen has taught meditation and mindfulness strategies to all ages and sectors for many years. Her online meditation programs are designed to make meditation more simple, easy and accessible to everyone including children.

We invite you to come back to our site over the next month as we add more and more of our downloads and courses

Why not get started by signing up for our FREE Meditation Course below which will be sent into your in-box over the next 5 days

free meditation program for beginners


For those more experienced in meditation who would love to learn more meditation and mindfulness strategies or who just wants some help to bring meditation a more daily practice check out our

28 Days Of Meditation Mindfulness & Affirmations

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