Free Meditation Course

Free Meditation Course for all levels of meditators.

This 5 Day Traditional Meditation Program is suitable for beginners and intermediate level meditators. Who wants to introduce meditation into their busy lifestyle in a more simple and easy way.

With the right meditation techniques, you will experience.

  • Increased Calm and Peace
  • Increased Confidence and Concentration
  • Better Health and Wellbeing

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Free Meditation Program NOW

In this 5 Day Meditation Program you will receive

  • Daily Meditation Tips
  • Daily Short Meditation
  • Instructional Meditation MP3
  • Learn what is meditation and what is not meditation
  • You will gain more clarity around common myths about meditation
Free Meditation Course For Beginners

This meditation program is taught by a highly experienced meditation teacher, a meditator of 25 years. Eileen Burns, Stress Coach Training.

Eileen has taught meditation to local education, health, charity and private sector in Lanarkshire and Glasgow for 15 years. She now only provides online programs and training.


Are you a more experienced meditator, coach or healer?

Who would love to teach meditation and relaxation techniques to your clients and students?

Learn more about how to become a Certificated Relaxation Teacher & Therapist

So you can become qualified to teach a wide range of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness techniques for self-use and to teach your clients how to let go of stress.

STRESS is the biggest cause of dis-ease, work-related absenteeism

Millions of people around the world need help to reduce, manage and let go of their stress and anxiety. You can learn how to help them manage that stress with this professional expert training.

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