Ancient Meditation

Ancient Meditation – The Origins Of Traditional Meditation

Most Traditional and Ancient Meditation Practice was formed over 3000 years ago. At this time traditional meditation practice was normally related to religions such as the Hindu traditions of Vedantism and Buddhism then associated with more organised traditions or religion. But today the practice of meditation is not necessarily related to any specific spiritual or religious discipline but as a stress management aid.

Lotus Position

Many of the more traditional forms of meditation would sit in the Padmasana or Lotus Position ( cross-legged, a sitting asana) this evolved into various sitting poses. Now many modern meditation techniques are practiced sitting upright, resting, standing or even walking.

Many ancient meditation practices included mantras. Some of the oldest meditation mantra’s include OM, Om Namah Shivaya, and Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. Today the simpler or shorter mantra’s such as Om tend to be more common.

Modern meditation practice has evolved with today’s lifestyles. Thousands of years ago people had generally a more simple life, they had more time to meditate. They would easily spend hours in deep meditation. In modern-day life, most of us struggle to live in the moment, struggle to remain focused.

Many styles of meditation today are less disciplined and less formal. Many forms of meditation have been adapted to suit our society. A world where most people are over-busy, over-distracted, stressed, anxious and disconnected from the self.

A society where we crave simplicity but also expect to see very fast or instant results that don’t always come with more traditional forms of meditation. Many beginners to meditation are keen to learn more traditional forms of meditation but struggle with the more traditional discipline of twenty minutes of meditation twice a day.

Even the spiritual seekers who want to use meditation as a spiritual aid are seeking in one way or another more faster or instant results. Meditation is generally something that takes time to master. It is more of a way of life of continued practice. But in many ways meditation doesn’t have to be long. It doesn’t have to be the traditional 20 minutes twice a day.

Some modern meditation techniques can actually be practiced in a few minutes. My most popular meditation technique of 18 years – my 5 Minute Meditation Technique takes just over 4 minutes. A simple highly effective meditation stress management tool for clients of all ages and abilities. Used daily by kids, teenagers, carers, busy executives…

Today meditation is not simply a religious or spiritual practice but a very widely popular life skill and stress management tool for all ages. I was very fortunate to introduce meditation into schools over 16 years ago. Now it is being a more widely recognised life tool in all walks of life. It is a simple mindfulness aid that helps us become more in the moment, helps us experience more confidence.

Another more modern form of meditation which is slightly different is guided meditation which is mostly used for self-healing and relaxation. Guided meditation uses the art of creative visualisation, our memories and senses to evoke feelings of wellbeing, deep relaxation. It is very commonly used by many types of energy and spiritual healers. Where the healer or teacher guides you.

There are many benefits in both the more modern and ancient forms of meditation. We now have so many styles of meditation to choose from, to suit people of all ages, religions, and challenges.

In my opinion, meditation is one of the most powerful life skills you can teach anyone of any age. Meditation is the key to accessing your own inner calm, your own inner peace, and your inner wisdom.

If you would love to try out and learn a wide range of modern and traditional meditation techniques, including mindfulness, mantras and affirmations. Check out my 28 Days Of Meditation, Mindfulness, Affirmations Program

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